As children from divorce families, extended families or as former children in care, we know the difficulties young people face in their childhood. This is why we want to do good in the promotion of youth development. Therefore we support the social institution Kovive with the surplus income of our challenge. We want to be role models for young people and show them how they can conquer the world with their actions and master almost unthinkable tasks in their lives.

At the same time, we four comrades help out in the Kovive camps as needed and support the camp teams in their sports activities as friends and coaches.

Children and adolescents in the spotlight

The chain of social aid in Switzerland is strong and complex. However, there are certain gaps, especially in the complementary care and support of socially disadvantaged children and adolescents. Kovive closes this gap in the social aid chain in Switzerland with care solutions and support services. These services protect against exclusion and promote independent growth out of personal, economic and social need. Kovive's services focus on recreation, care, health, exercise, education and the prevention of addiction and violence.



To finance the project, we are looking for supporters.