To be able to take part in the Pacific Rowing Race 2025, we need an ocean-going rowing boat. Team SWISS RAW has launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover the initial payment on the boat. You can support us under the following link:

The race - Pacific

Together with the Atlantic Challenge, the Pacific Challenge is considered the toughest rowing race in the world and runs 4444 kilometres from Monterey (USA) across the central Pacific to Hawaii. The distance is shorter than the Atlantic Challenge, but the team expects more extreme conditions than on the Atlantic. The race will be a mental and physical test of endurance. It is therefore not surprising that more people have reached the summit of Everest than have successfully rowed across an ocean. Thanks to the worldwide public perception, we and our sponsors have the opportunity to use the race as a platform for our interests.

+/- 20

Teams set off from Monterey (USA) in June


calories each rower burns per week


million rowing strokes each team


litres of water each rower needs per day


kg is lost on average by each rower when crossing the Pacific Ocean


Metre-high waves are expected on the ocean

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Once the rowers leave the shores of Monterey, the elements, unnatural sleeping patterns and stormy seas will test the team both mentally and physically. They rely solely on their own muscle power. Apart from route guidance and interpreting the weather conditions, they are not allowed to receive any outside help until they arrive in Hawaii, USA. Rowing during the race takes place in tandem shifts: 2 hours rowing, 2 hours resting. They sleep for a maximum of 90 minutes at a time. Experience shows that the crossing takes between 30 and 60 days for a four-man team. The time between the individual shifts is used for eating, navigation, washing, sleeping and boat maintenance.

Race start 12 June 2025


Rowing takes place in an ocean rowing boat, which is equipped with cabins at the bow and stern and has a total weight of around 1300 kg. Drinking water is obtained from the sea using a solar-powered desalination plant. All necessary equipment such as food, safety equipment, medical equipment and cooking gas for the entire crossing must be on board from the time of departure.

Rennstart - Team SWISS RAW


For us as Team “SWISS RAW – Pacific”, the preparation and build-up phase until the start in June 2025 is just as important as competing in the race itself.

With our training concept, meticulous planning and full commitment, we do our best to realise our dreams and row to Hawaii as quickly as possible.

Team SWISS RAW - Ingvar Groza, Roman Möckli, Jan Hurni und Samuel Widmer


Thanks to the training preparation for the Atlantic Challenge and the crossing of the Atlantic itself, the team has solid rowing and ocean experience.
Despite its recent success in winning the Atlantic Challenge, the team does not want to rest on its laurels, but instead wants to become even stronger and better - and learn from the past.

That's why they have been training hard since June 2023 to realise their dream. So far, rowing training, technique, strength and the right diet have been the main focus.

Thanks to the support of the Rowing Club Hallwilersee we can constantly improve our rowing technique.

Within the team, a precise time schedule was drawn up with the corresponding stage and development goals.


To finance the project, we are looking for supporters.